Top 3 Must-Visit-Places In The Center Of Sofia In Hot Summer

Top 3 Must-Visit-Places In The Center Of Sofia In Hot Summer

Hot summer days are usually best spent on the beach. Swimming and sunbathing, drinking cocktails, binging bars and all-round daydreaming. If you are not so lucky with your goings-on and you find yourself hanging about in the Sofia city center, there is, however, some sort of an escape route. Make the best out of this seemingly unfavourable situation by checking out my suggestions for top 3 places worth visiting in Sofia. This might just turn out to be the beginning of a beautiful movie-like experience.

The University Botanical Garden

The history of the Botanical garden starts in 1892. It is a fresh green spot right in the heart of the city. Just the perfect place to hide in the shade under huge oaks for a cup of coffee or something more spicy. Part of the garden is also a glasshouse full with different types of palms and cacti from all over the world. This small chunk of (super)nature is a city oasis. Should you find yourself longing for human company after them terrestrial communications, just take a few steps and you’re back out in the middle of city buzz. The Garden is open for visitors every singlday apart from Mondays and Tuesdays.

Kvadrat 500 National Gallery

Finding the gallery won’t be difficult, especially if you have already located the Botanical garden. The main entrance of the gallery is just a few steps away and in the immediate vicinity of St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral. Needless to say, the gallery hosts a huge collection featuring works from Bulgarian and foreign artists. Recharge and refresh in cool halls while exploring some vibrating and inspiring artworks.

Borisova Garden

The story behind this city park begins at the end of the 19th century during the Third Bulgaria Kingdom. What you can find there nowadays is a huge green space with a park theatre, playgrounds for kids, the famous lake with the lilies, a small rosarium with a fountain in the middle, a couple of places for dining, and a few more cafeterias that locals really like visiting. If you find yourself in the park don’t forget to visit Ariana lake where you could rent a vintage boat and take it for a spin. Whichever of the above you opt for, never forget a bottle of water and a fully charged camera – you’ll need them. Sofia has a lot more to offer. If you are interested in a custom tour don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Keep up with the latest news from TRIPSTOTAKE. and follow me on Instagram.