A Journey Begins…

A Journey Begins…

Hello travelers!

Мy name is Vania Todorova.

During the years following my graduation with BSc in Tourism in 2007 I have worked in various positions in the sphere of tourism. My real passion to this day remains working as a freelance tour-guide in Bulgaria. This has proved to be a complex occupation encompassing multiple qualities and skills one needs to provide a high-level service as a product. Those would include but not be limited to organisational skills, constant learning, verification and cross-checking of facts and up-to-date information, story-telling, deep knowledge of history, great communication skills, passion for travelling and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. And that is just for starters. Surely, experience gathered in time and practice is an invaluable asset in this quest. For the last couple of years I also have been a member of the Association of Bulgarian tour guides.

TRIPSTOTAKE. is a personal project I launched in July 2021 as a natural extension of my certified freelance tour guide practice.

The main goal of TRIPSTOTAKE. is to combine the tourist services I offer on one hand, and on the other to provide useful information on various tourist destinations and sites in Bulgaria that would spark interest in both foreign and Bulgarian tourists.

The Blog Story

TRIPSTOTAKE. blog is the place where you can find useful and captivating information about Bulgaria as a tourist destination. Venues that are worth visiting, news from the industry, suggestions for travel experiences and tours, of course, trips to take.